Thursday, June 4, 2009

What did you say?

Let’s get one thing straight!

“Words are downright sneaky and cannot be trusted!”

With all the languages, dialects, dialectics, expressions, colloquialisms, cultural and regional pre-conceptions, interpretations, abbreviations, presumptions, prefixes, suffixes, acronyms, paradigms, metaphors, trans-literation, not to mention distractions and pre-occupations (Oops…I mentioned them)), to which we are exposed daily (and nightly), is it any wonder that some times we presume too much?

Communication is a difficult exercise, even with your own family (who should know you……by now!)

In fact, the only fact that we all totally agree on is that

“we never totally agree!”

Having made that clear...........................

Under the powers vested in me as an Erisian Pope,

I, Pope ME-THAT-IS-NOT-YOU!! (The Ineffable)Arch-Deacon of the church of "The Latter-Day Paints",Founder of "The cabal of The Seventh Day Adventurers" not excluding "The Darlington LLamas", Keeper of the flame of eternal twilight, "Guardian of the Di-Agnostic Spirit" including the sacred rite of "Di-Agnostic Spirit Fingers","Progenitor of Eristic Inversion" and "Eternal Erisian Toy-Boy",
hereby ex-communicate all Popes not ordained by this cabal, for a period of five days as from this date at midnight GMT.

(In order to rework the Erisian Church entirely, removing echos of "The curse of Grayface" which have been revitalised by the recent monetary normalization occurring across the planet as well as by the failure of the Cern Undertaking and also because I think its a funny thing to do.)

Please note: All popes affected may apply at the head office for de-excommunication after that period, but may be refused without consideration.

Make sure to enquire about innoculation against future outbreaks of the Grayface virus.

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your weird old man